On Fighting Trolls Part II

I am no longer replying to the thread, because there is no point, but I do want to save for posterity some of the things which were said there – such as this, by one Yew Ming Liang. My opinion: it is of course commendable to fight for a good cause, but it is also equally important to know when to call it a day and let things take their natural course. People should not allow themselves to be blinded by their own greed and ego until they forget their raison d’être. Take, for example, certain activist groups who, after achieving their goal of equality, continued their “battle” for “empowerment” at the expense of others and, like I mentioned in my previous comment, make an issue out of everything. So there’s just a thin line that separates activists from ‘kaki auta’.
Point being, when something is wrong, then yes, we criticise, but there isn’t, then don’t try to make it sound as if it is. Let us not become like the US, where every word and action, no matter how well-meaning and harmless, can be spun into something insidious. And let’s not censor ourselves just to cater to people with weak minds. Say what needs to be said, and if they can’t take it it’s their problem.
” [emphasis mine]

“People should not allow themselves to be blinded by their own greed and ego”

Who is he claiming has been blinded by greed and ego? Is it greedy to ask for a stop to offensive jokes and demeaning memes?  I fail to see the greed.  UNLESS, the greed he is refering to is a greed for rights and representation.  Because as far as that’s concerned, then yes I am greedy.  I am greedy for women to be able to feel safe everywhere, for gender or sexuality diverse, or ‘sensitive’ men to feel safe everywhere, even in ‘lad spaces’ such as MGAG.  I am greedy for men to be brought up to be decent, who thinks all humans are worthy, and not just their best buddies.  I am greedy for the day when I don’t have to fight these idiots anymore, when I can just be happy and be me.  I don’t do any of this for my ego, and it doesn’t benefit me in any way whatsoever, I do it for the these men’s daughters, sisters, mother’s, nieces – and most important, for their wives.  It is not a fight which is appreciated, but I did it for one day yesterday anyway, because I believe in the inherent good of the fight even if no one thanks me for it.  None of this inflates my ego, au contraire – it totally utterly deflates it.

after achieving their goal of equality, continued their “battle” for “empowerment” at the expense of others

This goes back to the meme I created isn’t it.  The ‘expense’ they are talking about is the allowance and space for them to belittle and demean women.  They think it’s fun so they want to continue doing it, and my fierse standing up to tell them they are wrong is seen as an encroachment on their rights.  Sighs.. I don’t know what to say to this, it depresses and despairs me.


Let us not become like the US, where every word and action, no matter how well-meaning and harmless, can be spun into something insidious

The post comparing computers weren’t well meaning and harmless.  That’s the thing.  Comparing women to objects harms women in the long run, continues the oppresion of women, and slows down empowerment.  Within THEIR own households, in THEIR own lives, but they don’t see it.  If they don’t see the harm… so be it… but can they really in good conscience call it harmeless?  Again… more despair and disappointment.

For posterity’s sake, I am going to post here the advert which was taken down.  The link to the mudpit where I was trollfighting is here.

acer vs gf


On Fighting Trolls


If you’re the type who sips your latte at some high end cafe on your weekend from work, intermittently firing and threatening people on socmed, insulting and throwing your weight around telling random people you are so above them all, I don’t think that’s a good fight. Should emulate this grandma from the interior of sabah who went to seek knowledge on solar power to benefit her village..now that’s RESPECT

My response : Are you saying that only women who are stuck on the ground in the jungles of Borneo deserve to be listened to? That the moment they gain access to the internet, and use their voices to fight for less oppression in spheres which you are a part of – they don’t deserve to be listened to anymore? Are you saying I don’t exist? I’ve been on the ground in the jungles of Sierra Leone fighting Ebola. I am here on social media, fighting stupid memes. Tonight I will be in a helpline phone room (like befrienders & samaritans), being a calm listening voice for people in need. According to you I’m not worth anything.. Okay…. I’ll just go kill myself then. That’s what you want right? For women who actually have empowerment to not exist? For women to only exist in spheres where they are at the extreme end of disempowerment. Where’s my cyanide pill… I’ll go take it now..

So he doesn’t think I exist….

I’m giving up now. These arseholes basically only think that oppressed women in the jungles of Borneo deserve respect and help… So the moment woman gain their voice and ask for more equality… Equality in the spheres in which they hold power.  They don’t care any more.. I have nothing else to say to them. Tonight I’ll spend my energies on the helpline answering the calls of people in need.

I don’t even sip lattes.  I never have the time to sit in a coffee shop unless it’s for a meeting.  I don’t buy lattes because I generally can’t afford to on a daily or even weekly basis.

I don’t know why I’m justifying myself.  I don’t need to justify to anyone. i don’t need to virtue signal.  They have dragged me down to their level and it is time I leave.

They are arseholes. End of.

Things not to say when trying to pick a shaved head, purple haired, east-asian hot chick up via OkCupid…

“Yea… about those lgbt people… I think they should have the same rights as everyone else, I don’t understand why people got to treat them differently ya’know?”
Seriously dude? This statement is ambiguous as fuck, and makes a pretty bad impression, you know what i mean? It sounds like “yea i think you should have equal rights… BUT why do you have to be so loud when you fight for your rights.. i mean, why do you have to hold hands in a public space where STRAIGHT COUPLES HOLD HANDS ALL THE TIME?!?!?!” No matter how much you try to clarify that your heart is in the right place, that line you just used really sucked, don’t use it again, you ain’t gonna pick up any hot bisexual purple-haired chicks that way, trust me, I know.
Oh, and no matter what you are saying… refering to us as “those lgbt people” automatically puts you in the bad books. Exclusionary language is a turn off
“I kiss and cuddle men all the time”
Yes, but are you publicly out, loud & proud, or are you just saying that to try to get in my good books? If you are looking to pick up someone who is very publicly out, loud & proud… you hiding in the closet ain’t gonna be attractive, mate. Trying to lie don’t work either. I’d rather go out with an honest straight dude than a dishonest one who claims to be bi just to score points.
“The universe is a cruel bla bla bla bla bla. Will you spend unimportant quality time with nonsensing around?”
From my profile, it is very obvious I care about people and animals, and the world… ya think that line gonna do anything for me… you wrong!
“I’m not opposed to adopting or fostering but I do want my own kids in the future.”
Do you have the reading comprehension of a 5 year old?
“yes I have an empty profile, ask what you want”
I don’t ask. OkCupid has the tools for you to tell me if we match. If you choose not to use them, then you aren’t that interested in me. Start by answering 30 questions from the ethics category. I am interested on opinions on sex work, lgbt rights, intersectional feminism, toxic masculinity, abortion, human rights, jealousy, cats, dogs, cuddles, capitalism and relationship anarchy. The other thing you can do is to pick issues from my profile you find interesting, and share your views on them. I’ve listed a lot of likes and dislikes, and if you can’t find anything to talk about, then we likely don’t have anything in common.
“I was browsing through your pics and i misread the ebola one as “Ebola can be eaten” and I was shocked!”
Ebola CAN be eaten… Technically, anything you can fit down your oesophagus can be ‘eaten’. Whether it’s digestible, or will kill you… is another question…