Why? #3 – July 2017

The History of “Why”

If Cinderella was a guy

How come there’s no straight pride

Some food for thought

Men still die before women – is toxic masculinity to blame?

The Long Term Effects of Slut Shaming

A firefighter – On Grenfell

Sweden is really good at gender equality. This kindergarten is an example of why

Rape and murder of teen shows lack of justice for LGBT in Malaysia

The privilege game

The Angry Chef

How I went from Slut Shamer to Women’s Rights Activist

On Convenience Foods.

On ‘Top of the Lake’

5 Stupid Pieces of Advice People need to Stop Sharing.

I am the sex worker who took a selfie with Corbyn – This is my story

Charged for managing a brothel – when working as a cleaner for £6/hour. Where does the authorities expect her to find work now, with a criminal record?

The two classes of facebook workers

A cruel ignorant campaign

What is rape anxiety.

The media is obsessed with trans people – until we kill ourselves.

I am not a monster : schizophrenia 


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