Why? #1 – May 2017

According to some people, family mainly – I am a very complicated person and it is very difficult to understand me.  So I keep trying to explain myself to them, but often that is very very difficult, especially when it isn’t ME they are asking me to explain, but a view I have of something else.  If it is of something else, often that something (or someone) else would be better at explaining it than I do.  I do put some effort into sharing what I read with them, often through facebook shares.  Unfortunately this gets lost in the scrolling labyrinthe which facebook is and they get information fatigue.  The problem of ‘please explain why you think X of Y’ still stands though, so here I will keep a curated list of things I read which I feel explains concepts of my world well.

I first named this “things worth reading”, but decided that implied I was assuming that anyone reading this would find the same things worth reading than I did.  So I played with a few more ideas and I came up with Why?  This can be short for several questions.  Among them are – Why I think the way I do.  Why I have the views I do, and ultimately why I said what I said about topic x, issue y or problem z.

As the #1 post of this series, this is less about what I read this month than what I managed to pull up of my existing views in a short timespan.  A sort of short introduction to my views.

What privilege really means

21 Reasons Why It Is Not My Responsibility As a Marginalized Individual to Educate You About My Experience

You should have asked – a comic about women’s work

What fidget spinners reveal about disability discrimination

Hunger Hurts – Jack Monroe

Rape Culture Pyramid

The Laws that Sex Workers really want – Juno Mac

Brene Brown on Empathy (vs Sympathy)

The Good Friend Guide

On Abortion

The Backfire Effect

On gender stereotyping

ps: I have filled in the about page of the blog, so if you were curious before and all you got was the ‘this is your about page’ text… you can read it now.


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